Booth Rental

Standard 9′ x 10′ booths are $550 each. Over-sized booths are limited.


How to Register?


Step 1: Pick out a booth(s)

Call to discuss booth availability

Step 2: Register

Click above and submit an online form.


Print application, fill out, scan, and email to info@worddeerexpo.com

Exhibitor Information

Electricity – $70

WiFi Internet – $9.95 per day/per device

You can also place order over the phone at 205-458-8898.

You MUST know Booth # to complete electricity order.

*Discounted price deadline is July 8th, 2019.


George Fern Company handles ALL Shipments of Product to the BJCC. Contact – 205-458-8741

Contact Information

Contact: Channing or Zack Brown

Office: 205-678-4141

Alternate Line: 205-678-4142

Email: info@worlddeerexpo.com