Special Guests


Downstairs Booth #TBA ALL 3 Days

Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel

ALL 3 Days
Twiggy will be skiing all 3 days of the expo on the Upstairs Level!


Downstairs Booth #TBA ALL 3 Days & Seminar on Sunday

Ernie Brown Jr., also known as Turtleman, starred in Call of the Wildman on Animal Planet. There was no critter in KY that Turtleman couldn’t catch by hand. Snapping turtles is his specialty but coyotes, bobcats & otters he’s caught too as well as other animals. Now he has a new show called Turtleman’s Hunt for Bigfoot where Turtleman has actually seen and interacts with Bigfoot. Turtleman has a great tracking ability because he has spent his whole life in the backwoods. The Bigfoot show started after a 15 minute encounter with 2 Bigfoot in the woods. At the sighting, Turtleman ducked behind a tree and watched the 9′ silver Bigfoot call in what he thinks was the child (though it was about 6′ tall and was a brownish blackish reddish in color). He thinks they were hunting deer at the time. After the Bigfoot walked over the hill and out of sight, Turtleman quickly drove home to get Turtle Gal. The two then began to track and film and so the series started. You can watch Turtleman’s Hunt For Bigfoot on Turtleman Official Channel on YouTube. To add some humor to each show, the couple decided to gather some of their famous friends to do small clips called “Turtleman I think you’re lost!” at the end of several of the episodes. Turtleman always likes to cheer people up and make them laugh. He also always adds that each person has a talent and that Jesus loves them and the Turtle Team loves them too. Yayaya LiveAction!

Eddie Salter

Downstairs Booth #2419 & Seminars All 3 Days

When it comes to turkeys, Eddie Salter needs no introduction.  Eddie began his hunting career at the age of eight, in his hometown of Evergreen, Alabama.  Now as a member of The Outdoors Hall of Fame, Eddie is focused on the fundamentals that made him successful…Great Products and Personal Service.  Every call Eddie puts his name on has been personally tested and meets his all of his requirements!  When it comes to the Best Turkey Calls in the Industry, there is no other than, Turkey Man Game Calls…Simply the Best!!!